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"That's the dog's gonads." - Steveo
"Venice se parece mucho al cielo del marketgarden. me tinka este mapa Venice la va a llevar en los cachetes rosaitos del Gordo gay." - ViRuX ???

Release Date: February 29, 2004
Size: 20.5MB
Type: Campaign, Stopwatch
Download Mirrors:

Description: The Allies have gained intelligence that an important transaction will be occuring between the Germans and Italians in Venice this morning. By sending in a small tactical force, the allies hope to disrupt the transaction and hopefully escape with the goods.


"If i was Micheal Jackson I would have bought this by now." - Pappadee

Release Date: currently in Beta release
Size: 7.8MB
Type: Campaign, Stopwatch
Download Mirrors:

Description: The map itself is set in a huge Axis compound / town / research laboratory. The Allies have over-run it, and captured vitally important Axis secret documents. Axis must make a bold attack to quickly recapture them and transmit them at either their mobile headquarters or the radio room (located in the water testing facility) before the Allies get reinforcements and secure the area. Note that the Axis can transmit at EITHER of the two locations - so Allies will have a tough job defending.

Commentary: This huge level is a result of many people's efforts from the mapping forums. People could submit their works (while conforming to some 'simple' rules) which were then combined into the final map.

I contributed a section to this collaboration themed in the wolf x-lab style. There aren't many multiplayer x-lab maps out there so it could be a treat if you liked the x-lab levels in the RtCW singleplayer campaign. The ET version had to be simplified a bit from my initial vision. The texture and model resources in ET are severely lacking when it comes to the x-lab theme.

Movies: none
Screenshots: These are screenshots of my x-lab contribution. They are from my initial design, so they differ a bit from what you'll see in the ET version. Check out this thread for more screenshots of the other sections.

"It is an unusual hybrid of circa 1944 combat and modern urban warfare. In short....I like it!" - shAdow, playtester

Release Date: June 01, 2003
Size: 14MB
Type: Multiplayer, Objective and Stopwatch
Mirrors: FilePlanet1 FilePlanet2

Reviews: Description: The Axis have subdued the employees and forced them to work unholy hours. The Allies must infiltrate the server room to retrieve the passcodes to the employee holding tubes. Only then can they destroy the generator in the passcode protected sector.

Commentary: This map was my attempt at re-creating my office building for some fun with co-workers. It turned into a small, frantic map that allows for some exciting fire fights. With many maps recently released being targeted for the 16x16 servers, this map plays nicely with even a 3-on-3. Play begins in the 2 floors of office space but quickly moves into the (imagined) Axis basement.

Movies: trailer.avi (5MB) - This is a short comparison between the actual building and the map. (needs DivX 5.0.5)